Corporate getaways with the blueberry trails

Corporate Getaways With The Blueberry Trails

The Blueberry Trails designs getaways for your TEAM at work, when you want to head away from the bustle of the city and indulge in some team bonding in the great outdoors.

The corporate trips we design essentially keep in mind the following elements: Outdoors, team oriented activities, team building excercises, meals,fun and games and a lot of independence to do things your way. We have successfully designed trips for KPMG teams, Vodafone, Tata Motors, O&M, Monitor group, Vesuvius.

Elements of a Blueberry Trails team Getaway

Experiential Stays


Team Building exercises

Corporate Getaways
Team Outing
Team Bonding
Corporate Weekends

Our Clients

Reach out to our Team and we will design a trip for your team and you in no time. With signature Blueberry Trails experiences. and 8080122441