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About Us

On the road since 2010, The Blueberry Trails is an experiential travel company based out of Mumbai that looks at providing you with the most thrilling, exhilarating, and offbeat trips there are to offer.
We curate them personally and add them to each of our travel plans. Steering away from the conventional melancholy of travelling, our experiential getaways take you to sandy beaches of Andaman's to dig your toes in while sipping local brews, to cities like Paris and Amsterdam with roaring night life and bubbling art scenes, and pristine mountain peaks in North - East India that take your breath away, literally.
From weekend getaways to explore places close to Mumbai, to longer getaways to exotic and adventurous countries like Spain, Vietnam, Bhutan, the plethora of options that The Blueberry Trails offers is limitless. You can hop on one of our trips and meet like-minded travellers that, having been bitten by the travel bug, have an insatiable need to travel, or call us so we can customise a trip that seamlessly fits your needs. We also design Corporate Adventures, for the location and duration that you need, to provide an amalgamation of team-building activities, relaxation, corporate building exercises, and some much needed relaxation.
We focus on the experiences that a destination has to offer, a culmination of local sights, sounds, art, culture, heritage, adventures. We curate them personally and add them to each of our travel plans. You will find us in our office in Bandra, Mumbai - that is if we are not off exploring new lands.


The team consists of a vibrant, energetic, and zealous group of people with endless wanderlust who are determined to curate the best a destination has to offer, and deliver with speed, efficiency, and clarity. Just when you think it's the best you have seen, the team outshines themselves. With desks being decorated by an incessant flow of coffee mugs, this team is relentless in finding you the best there is.
You can always come over to chat over a cuppa, exchange travel stories, discuss scouting ideas or join on one of our adventures.

Our Trips

Personalized Getaways
Exciting new destinations
Curated Experiences
Experiential stays

Group Getaways

Personalised Getaways
Group Getaways
Great locations Exciting experiences Fun new people to meet

Our Experiences

Local Artforms
Treks & Hikes
Local activities:
Rice farming, Pottery
Local food cooking classes
Horse / camel /
yak safaris etc
Weekend Trails
Longer Getaways

Why Travel with The Blueberry Trails

Offbeat Stays
Villas I Campsites I
Cottages I Homestays
GO Local
Local food, art,
culture, heritage,

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