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7 adventurous countries to visit with your S/O

When Turkey and Egypt are a go-to destination for you and your significant other, they might become less impressive with years. We all hear about sunny Dominicans, rainy England and fancy Italy, but is there is something more interesting to offer? You are young, eager to perceive new things, and the possibilities are truly endless. So where to start? Today we and vava dating site will find out some places that are not only interesting and ‘spicy’, but also romantic and beautiful.



The most interesting country in Africa in terms of diversity and uniqueness of flora and fauna. This country is extremely rich when it comes to recreation and beauty: 15 national parks, 17 reservations, lakes, mountains, including Kilimanjaro, the giant Ngorongoro. There are several programs for people who want to visit national parks, or even open a safari season. You can visit picturesque mountains, swim in crystal clear lakes (you better ask if there are no alligators in the water). This destination screams purity and authenticity.


Everything is unique in Japan! Japan charms the whole world with centuries-old traditions, which people carefully respect to this day, and at the same time come up with innovative technologies. The most interesting and romantic place is Nikko reservation, an area of 1400 square km. There are waterfalls, lakes, thermal springs, as well as historical buildings, including sanctuaries on the territory of this truly beautiful place. Exclusively on the Japanese island of Okunoshima, you can visit the rabbit kingdom, where there are a lot of fluffy cute animals on the streets. Only in Japan, it is possible to settle at a cheap room in a capsule hotel and save a lot of money for truly beautiful and romantic destinations.


Australia is the only country-continent; it also occupies several islands. However, this is not the only one peculiarity: there are deserts, juicy meadows, and huge beaches with the whitest sand and clear water. The Great Barrier Reef - a coral complex with a length of more than three thousand kilometres - is a miracle on Earth. Nothing can compare with its coral gardens, which overflow with pink, purple, green, yellow and blue colours.

The Netherlands

One feature of the Netherlands serves this WILD beauty - chic, large, colourful fields of tulips. There is nothing too extreme about this country, but if pure astonishment and amazing scent of flowers can heat your adrenaline, you should definitely visit park Keukenhof. Nowhere else in the world can find so many flowers in one place. Your promenade in such a place will be truly romantic.


India is unique in its contrasts with everything, so visiting this drastically different country will hardly leave anyone uninterested. It is associated with an original eastern culture, bright clothes, beautiful dances, the smell of spices, such as fragrant curry. It is a country where wealth and poverty, chaos and tranquillity, reality and legends are combined into this wild mixture.

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Indonesia is the largest island country in the world: it has about 18,000 islands, only 7,000 of which have their names. The largest of the islands are New Guinea, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java, and all other islands are much smaller. If you are courageous, you may visit the most famous volcano of Indonesia - Krakatau, which is located between the islands of Java and Sumatra. This is a pure adventure.

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Bolivia is the highest mountain country, and in its isolation from the world is truly astonishing. It is called "The Tibet of America". Bolivia has the highest mountainous lake in the world - Titicaca. Unlike other Latin American countries, most of its population are indigenous people, Indians - one of the main Indian tribes of Bolivia. Being a part of their culture and sunbathing on the shore of crystal lakes are a true bliss! 




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