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Best cities in Spain by The Blueberry Trails

As Spain opens its doors to double vaccinated travellers, we couldn’t be more excited. It has been long-awaited at the Blueberry Camp to plan Spanish fiestas for our travellers: Bistros serving sangrias, rooftop tapas dinners, a flamenco show in a tavern, trailing Gaudi’s windows, marvel at church spires and relaxing on Spanish beaches. All of it and more. So here we are with a few of our favourite cities and tiny towns from this country of colour, life and celebration:


Cordoba: Obviously, Andalusia will be the first region to be featured in our list of anything Spain. Cordoba with its old town, flower pots hanging from windows, Moorish architecture, its dark taverns, its bright squares with enchanting fountains and the Mezquita had us in its palm from Day 1. It makes for a great stop on a Spanish Road trip in the south, though it deserves a few slow days of its own. We were lucky to be there during the Fiesta De La Patios, the festival of Patios, where the beautiful patios in the old towns, resplendent with fountains, plants and gardens are open to visitors of the town. The Roman bridge across the Guadalquivir river also features in the Game of Thrones. Yay for fans!



Barcelona: This megacity has a life of its own. If not for the football, the shops, the architecture, the beach, Gaudi, art, go to Barcelona just for its energy. That city is pulsating 24 hours. There is so much to do that it needs a blog of its own. Highlights of the city include the iconic Sagrada Familia, admiring the interior of the opulent Palau de la Música, strolling down the leafy Las Ramblas, and shopping at the vibrant La Boqueria market. And for the football fans, a visit to Camp Not is the ultimate pilgrimage.


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Setenil de las Bodegas:A town in Cadiz region of Southern Spain, is known for its whitewashed homes, the hilltop Castle which was once an Arab Fortress. The most amazing part of this tiny town , which is home to 3000 people is this section where the town is literally under a rock. Located along the river gorge of the Rio Trejo, the town was built keeping the boulder as an external roof wall. The town organically grew around the cave structure. Try and dine in one of the cafes where the outdoor patio is shaded by an enormous cliff , it will be an experience that you can only find here.

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San Sebastian: Say hello to the star city of the Basque region of Spain. The La Concha beach shaped like a shell is your go to way to unwind. And once you have enjoyed your beach time, then head to the old town Casco Viejo to get your fill of pintxos. Plenty of stops on the old town for a bite or two, and the whole idea of pits is to never have two which are the same. Keep walking and tasting! And if you are looking for something more formal then worry not! The culinary scene here is exemplary. It is because San Sebastian has more Michelin stars restaurants per capita than any other place on the planet. So read your reviews and kick back a few days of sheer indulgence.

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Rhonda:The town is dramatically set above a deep canyon with a bridge over the two parts of the town, the old Moorish settlement and the 15th-century town. The town is bathed in history, with its Moorish architecture, Spanish influences, city walls and hammam baths. The baths of Rhonda are the best preserved in Spain. A walk down into the gorge along the Camino de los Molinos will offer a stunning view of this grand town and its monumental bridge.

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Cadaques: The glistening coastal beauty of Costa brava offers many beautiful towns. And while Begur has always been a big favourite with us , this year Cadaques takes the mantel for this region. It has historically been a fisherman’s village and has drawn many artists to spend time in its arms, such as Marcel Duchamp,Pablo Picasso. But the most famous cultural icon that had taken over the town’s imagination had been Dali. It is best known for being the hometown of Dali‘s family and for featuring the house-museum of the surrealist. There is the Cala Bona beach and a national park that adds to its appeal. Walking along the rocky shoreline, you’ll get a spectacular view of the white town and the colourful boats rocking on the beachfront.

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If Spain has been on your wishlist for a while, please write to us. We would love to help. We have been there. We know the cities. We will design it for you, keeping your interests in mind, whether it's football, or food, or landscapes, or nightlife. We are right here :) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //9820925721 

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