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Best Summer Experiences for your Dream Holiday in Scandinavia

 The summers last for 3 months in Scandinavia. And the Scandinavians have kept it very simple. When the sun is out, go out. Go out and stay out. Thus the region is sprinkled with a list of fun things do in summer. Some for the adventurous, some for the leisure traveller and some for the culture cookies amongst us. So here are a few quintessential summer experiences in Scandinavia: 

1. Flam Railway, Norway:


A great way to plan your retreat from Bergen to the capital would be to take the Flam Railroad. Touted as one of the top rail journeys of the world, this route covers a bus journey, a fjord cruise, a stop at Flam and then a train ride to Oslo on the Oslo-Bergen rail. It is a whole day expedition and every minute of it is worth it!

2. Lake Retreat, South Sweden:



Yoga, saunas, fishing, meals made with wild forages and stays that range from glass fronted waterside cabins, to luxury Bedouin - style tents with floating saunas that go to the middle of the lake, we are talking rustic luxury the way the Swedes do it. A two-hour drive from Gothenburg and this rustic-chic wellness trip could be yours.

3. Wildlife in Svalbard, Norway:


One of the remotest corners of the world, the archipelago of Svalbard, is located between Norway mainland and the north pole.  Go there for the mind-blowing landscapes to say the least. And if you are into wildlife this will be heaven! Expect anything from a Polar bear in the wild to migrating birds, walr. You can stay in the newly renovated Miner’s cabins for a more classic experience.

4. Summer festivals, Norway, Sweden, Finland:



Its festival time in Scandinavia during summer. Denmark's mega rock festival, Roskilde, Helsinki's Savonlinna Opera Festival, Oslo's Jazz Festival to name a few and to top it all we have the Malmo festival every year in August which is the region’s largest festival with concerts, street art events, mostly for free.

5. Iron Ore train line, Sweden and Norway:


Book this 20 hour train journey starting from the mines of Kiruna Sweden to the Mines of Narvik, Norway. Beautiful Lapland scenery, cozy carriages and wooden bistros, all of this is easy on the pocket too. What’s not to love?

6. Beach days in Jutland, Denmark:


The Danes make a beeline for the beaches in North washed by the Baltic Sea. Cute cottages, sunny days and a cool climate make it a favourite with locals and visitors alike. Add to that the iconic Rubje Knude lighthouse that is almost buried under shifting sand dunes. From the top of the lighthouse, you can view North Sea and Vendsyssel. But the Lighthouse was close to falling into the sea so a massive project was undertaken by a local builder to rescue it from the tentacles of the far-reaching sand dune.

7. Fjord cruises, Norway:


May-September is excellent weather for a leisurely cruise down the fjords of Norway for some spectacular scenery (and club it with a cruise experience). One gets to witness dramatic waterfalls tumbling down verdant cliffs and mountain sides. Outdoors enthusiasts can get closer with kayaking or hiking trips. Smaller villages along the fjords function more as transit hubs for excursions out to scenic vistas.

8. Explore the countryside in Lapland, Finland:


The Finnish use the summer time to stay outdoors. Swimming in lakes, berry picking, hiking with huskies, canoeing staying in reindeer farms, sleeping in a kota with a fireplace. All this and much more outdoor adventures are on offer in the Finnish Laplands.

9. Island Hopping in Lofoten, Norway:


One of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, it even a coral reef – so unusual for the North Hemisphere! Besides the staggering landscape, the location is peppered with idyllic Norwegian fishing villages.

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