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Blissful Ways To Travel From The Comforts Of Your Couch


While we are still reeling under the effects of this lockdown, there are always interesting ways to keep that wanderlust brewing inside us satiated. During the lockdown, we found some fun things to do that takes care of our thirst to travel (albeit within a limit).

Here are some you would love too. Tell us which one is your favourite, we would love to know:

1. Tour the Ufizi Gallery, Florence:


A great way to spend a weekend, we recommend , just park yourself on your favourite couch and leaf through this tour , roaming the halls of the famous museum and soaking in the world famous art. Everything, right here from your living room: For Uffizi, check here: https://artsandculture.google.com/partner/uffizi-gallery?hl=en

Other museums offering free tours, from Van Gough to the Guggenheim: https://oceanblueproject.org/12-famous-museums-offering-virtual-tours-you-can-take-on-your-couch-video/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwzZj2BRDVARIsABs3l9KX0wDPWmXfIEqtdbbb6YMO-SO6LHpNVUXihrXeuGUGdQbjKoJhGVgaAiSdEALw_wcB


2. Hang out with animals in their natural habitat.


Spend a day by watching polar bears snuggle it out, or Merin the owl hang out in the forest, or the underwater world come alive on camera.  You can hang out with the animal kingdom from your armchair, choose your landscape, choose your spirit being and off you go!



3. Watch the Opera at the MET:



Metropolitan Opera, NY is providing nightly free streaming of their shows on their website and apps. For those of you who wanted to always catch an opera, you can experience one right here.

Enjoy! https://metoperafree.brightcove.services/?videoId=6150401683001


4. Virtual hike in Machu Pichu:



Always dreamt of hiking the Machu Pichu. Till the lockdown ends, a virtual tour is a great way to spend a day amidst this South American wonder. Get set and let's go https://www.youvisit.com/tour/machupicchu


5.  Enjoy the National Parks in America from your living room:



If you are craving the outdoors and it's not possible for you to step out for walks right now, here is a thread that might help. The National Park Service teams up with Google to give free virtual tours of the National Parks of the US.  Spend your day exploring canyons of watching glaciers. Let's go: https://artsandculture.withgoogle.com/en-us/national-parks-service/welcome


6. Hogwarts classes free from your home: Attention Muggles!


For all those Potterheads out there, you can make use of this time to get a degree from Hogwarts online. A fan website hosts classes inspired by the original book and they have made it free during the Covid19 lockdown.

What's perhaps the best feature of the site is its interactive activities, which allow you to communicate with fellow fans as you hang out in your Hogwarts House dorm, venture out to Hogsmeade, or head over to the Quidditch pitch.

Check them out at  http://www.hogwartsishere.com/courses/


7. Street art tours from all over the world:



Like your dose of Kitsch but cant venture out right now. Worry not, Google brings spectacular graffiti art from iconic neighbourhoods to your screen. Soak it in, pair it with some coffee. You can thank us later https://streetart.withgoogle.com/en/audio-tours


8. Visit Greece:



To promote tourism during the lockdown the Greece Tourism Ministry have come up with a digital initiative of videos and virtual tours that bring the entire country of Greece and its culture, landscapes, food, and people right into your home. In the video section, you will find videos of famous Greeks sharing their skills, including opera singing, as well as instructional videos like wine tasting. https://www.greecefromhome.com/


9. Movies that spur your wanderlust: Watch movies that make you want to travel more. Enjoy the locales, soak in the various culture and make your bucket list while you follow storylines of your favourite tapes. https://moonlitekingdom.com/movies-that-will-inspire-you-to-travel-moonlitekingdom/




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