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Jeapers Creepers : 10 Spookiest Destinations En El Mundo

1. Paris Catacombs:

A chamber used for burial is a catacomb, and Paris has an underground system which houses the remains of some 6 million people. It has countless tunnels and passageways spanning over 280 kms and was used by the French Resistance during WWII. Many creatures and spirits are said to roam the hollows. To not get lost here is quite an achievement, so try this destination on a guided tour only. Many tourists come here to visit it as a historical site, while others seek for the supernatural. Such catacombs exist in Rome and Palermo in Italy too. But this one surely has a heightened level of ‘activities’. When in Paris, be sure to visit the catacombs for your very own close encounter of the fourth kind.



2. North Youngas Road: Bolivia

Known as El Camino De La Muerta or the Death road, this 60km road was built by Paraguayan prisoners in the 30’s. The road is  three meters wide and has a free fall of 600m behind it. The road is said to have claimed many motorists lives and crosses mark the spots where vehicles have fallen. The mesmerizing scenery and the high death toll has egged many brave heart to try the route on two wheels too. In recent years the road has been developed partially.

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3. Island of the dolls: Mexico

The island was the property of Don Julian Santana, a local farmer. The story goes like this, he saw a little girl drowned in a canal and a few days later he saw a doll floating in the same spot. He thought, that the doll belonged to the girl and hung it on a tree to show respect and acknowledgment to the spirit of the girl. However over the years many such dolls started surfacing and he collected close to 1500 dolls, which he systematically hung around on the trees, like Christmas decorations. Don Julian died in 2001, now his brother operates the island where tourists come to be a part of this spooky legend. The dolls are said to have a life of their own, they whisper to each other, their hands and legs move and their heads turn. Gasp!



4. Agoikhara: Japan

This forest at the base of Mount Fuji is an inspiration to many horror movies. It looks and feels straight out of The Blair Witch project, with its quietness due to the density of the trees. Hikers are also advised to use markers as it is quite a popular place to get lost in. Apart from this, it is the second most popular place for people to commit suicide , and thus the haunting. After the Golden Gate in San Fransico, the Agoikhara is the second favorite spot for such a horrifying statistic. Local volunteer groups go there in search of bodies. It is a sad sad state of affairs.

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5. The death railway: Burma to Thailand

More than 100,000 POW’s and laborers died to construct this railway system that connects Thailand with Burma. Horrific stories of their lives and their living conditions have prevailed, and the bridge forms the backdrop of the movie The Bridge on the river Kwai. A part of the railway is operational for tourists but it chugs through some perilous tracks over wooden bridges and cliff drops. But there is no mistaking the heaviness that hangs in the air of this historical railroad, which sees millions of tourists a year.



6. Hashima Island: Japan

15kms from Nagasaki in Japan, Hashima was a coal mining facility between 1887-1974. However, petroleum replaced coal throughout Japan in the ‘60s and since then the city became a ghost town. The industrial layout and the emptiness that came with so many workers relocating made it a perfect bait for ghost stories, accompanied with regular sightings. See for yourself and tell us, does this spook you out or not. Tourist boat trips are conducted here.

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7. Tuol Sleng: Cambodia

This former school, turned into a high security prison during the Pol Pot regime has harrowing stories of torture of the inmates. A shadow of gloom hangs over this popular tourist site in the city of Phnomh Penh, where it is now converted into a museum of sorts, showcasing the life of the inmates who once lived, and most probably died here in hideous ways. Skulls, torture machines and mechanisms are highlighted here.It surely gives us the creeps.



8. Poveglia: Italy

Located close to Venice, it was known as the “plague pit” where many who contracted the plague were sent , as a quarantine and ultimately died here. There was a medicinal facility constructed here which was run by a doctor who apparently also ran many tortures on the patients and experiments onthem. He ultimately went mad himself and took his own life. The ruins of the building remain, but the island is NOT open to visitors.



9. Pripyat : Ukraine

Ghost town stories are a favorite with us. Pripyat fell in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which was originally built to house the workers at the plant. After the Chernobyl disaster, it was abandoned and it is said to house many spirits of the people who dies in the Nuclear disaster.



10. Famous monuments: Great Wall of China | Edinburgh Castle | Tower of London

Locals are afraid to go to the “wild wall” alone, sounds of marching footsteps are not uncommon. Edinburgh castle is said to be haunted by a ghost of a piper, a headless drummer and a dog and a 10-day scientific study was done to gauge the activities in the castle and the findings definitely pointed to something eerie. Tower of London has seen too many royal beheading’s to not be affected supernaturally by it. Ghosts of the royalty are said to be a permanent feature over here.



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