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Top Food Bloggers share their favourite dishes from Around the World

From the Middle East to Italy, San Francisco to Thailand, come along and tantalise your senses with some cool tips from blogger community. Top Indian food bloggers list down their favourite dishes from around the world, and if you are looking for some inspiration for dinner tonight, voila, here it is!


1. Roxanne Bamboat- Calls herself ‘pint-sized girl’. Her obsession with food, books, travel and movies has inspired her to write for various publications and lifestyle websites. You can read her work on thetinytaster.com.

Roxanne Bamboat

Favourite dish- Pad Krapao Gai, Thailand

 “To pick a favourite dish from all over the world is incredibly hard. Through all my travels I've had the pleasure of experimenting and eating some amazing dishes. I have my list of dishes that are my top 10 but if I really have to pick one I'd have to go with Pad Krapao Gai which is a Thai dish that translates to Basil Chicken and Rice. I find that I love it so much; I end up eating many plates of this whenever I visit Thailand. Often if I have access to Thai food elsewhere I try to look for this and it's one dish from my travels that I recreate at home quite often. It's not a difficult recipe but of course, the taste will always be different in Thailand. So my favourite dish from all my travels, the undisputed champion is Pad Krapao Gai!”

Pad Krapao Gai, Thailand

2. Deeba Rajpal- This passionate baker considers baking a challenging, inspiring, creative and therapeutic undertaking. Her passion drives her, so much so, that her website goes by the name passionateaboutbaking.com. She has been following her desire to baking since the past 15 years and is currently working on developing innovative recipes that involve fruits and alternate grains. She is also a food styler, essayist and curates many baking recipes which she then shares on her blog.

Deeba Rajpal

Favourite Dish- Panna Cotta, Italy 

“Panna Cotta is one of my all time favourite desserts from across the world. I love how simple it is to make uses a handful of ingredients, and is infinitely versatile. It’s also always available on most restaurant menus and I am always blown away by the combination of flavours you can play with.

Some of my favourites are Espresso Panna Cotta, Vanilla Panna Cotta with Balsamic Strawberries, Coconut Milk Panna Cotta with lemon grass infusion served with mangoes, Chocolate Panna Cotta, Tea Infused Panna Cotta, Espresso Panna Cotta, Buttermilk Panna Cotta with seasonal fruit...

I could go on forever, but here's one of my all time favourites, a Dark Chocolate Cream with Coffee Panna Cotta {Recipe on the blog - https://www.passionateaboutbaking.com/dark-chocolate-cream-with-coffee-panna-cotta/} “

Panna Cotta, Italy Panna Cotta, Italy 2

3. Sia Krishna – She’s a mum, a photographer, a globetrotter and a foodie. She’s a writer at monsoonspice.com and gives credit to her grandmother, mother and other loving relatives for introducing her to the typical Indian cuisine. Sia, who holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and an MBA degree discovered her culinary journey after the marriage took her to the UK and she has been writing about her love for food and presenting thrilling recipes ever since.

Sia Krishna

Favourite dish- Falafel from the Middle East

“Food has the power to evoke memory, bring people together and to transport us to other places without travelling! Food has that magical power to bridge gaps, blur the borders that divide the countries and its people and above all, it brings joy. And ultimately, food often unites what geopolitics seeks to divide. Like this Falafel, small bite-sized fried balls made of chickpeas, herbs and spices, ubiquitous throughout the Middle East, is the national dish of Israel and is believed to have originated in Egypt. After Indian chaats, Falafel is my most favourite street foods for its simple, rustic and earthy flavours. It is quite easy to make them at home as most ingredients can easily be found in any well-stocked Indian pantry. All you need to make falafel is some chickpeas or Kabuli channa, onions, few cloves of garlic, a handful of fresh herbs, and few spices! Sounds simple? Well, it is simple! :)

Traditionally, Falafel is served as one of many mezze, an array appetizers or snacks from the Middle East and Mediterranean, quite like the Spanish tapas. But today the ‘sandwich’ version has become more popular where it is served in pita pocket along with hummus, salad and drizzled with tahini, yogurt or assorted sauces. While I love to sink my teeth into generously stuffed Falafel-Pita Sandwich with assorted vegetables and pickled chillies, my husband prefers it in a neatly arranged Buddha Bowls with toasted pita chips on the side. And as for my little boy, he is a happy camper to much it on its own doused in hummus and tahini along with lots of carrots and cucumbers cut into fingers to dip in a bowl of hummus. Whatever way you want to serve it or eat it, you can’t help but fall in love with this little deep fried fritters.“

Falafel, the Middle East

4. Alok Verma- The doctor who became a food blogger! Alok resumed pursuing his passion for food after graduating from medical school. He is a traveller, explorer and an adventurer who loves to discover new places and myriad cuisines. In 2015 he delved into the idea of food styling and has been using it has his signature ever since. Read more about him and his journey on allaboutthatpalate.

Alok Verma

Favourite dish- Cacio e Pepe, Italy

“If there's one dish that exemplifies the enormity of pan-sauce precision, it's Cacio e Pepe which literally means cheese and pepper. I was in Italy for a week-long stay in the month of June and discovered this dish for the very first time in Rome. It's native to Rome, which means you won't spot this dish in abundance in any other part of Italy. The simplistic recipe calls for only a few ingredients and involves the use of Pecorino cheese and freshly ground black pepper. If you're lucky, you'll get what you're after: a creamy, emulsified sauce that coats each strand of spaghetti with flavour.”

Cacio e Pepe, Italy

5. Kalyan Karmakar- Mumbai-based food blogger with a Bengali origin; he is a food blogger, a freelance food writer and columnist for NDTV food. He has also authored the book “Travelling Belly” and is a blogger at finelychopped.net

Kalyan Karmarkar

Favourite Dish- Puchka, Kolkata

“The dish I look forward to the most on my travels is the phuchka. It is the version on pani puri or golgappa that you get in Kolkata. The taste is unique and I rarely get that in Mumbai where I love. Coming across a phuchka means I am home. When in Kolkata I just stop at any phuchka guy I spot and have phuchkas like I did in my trip to the city a few days back. It consists of a panipuri like a shell made with maida and sooji. They add chilli and masala spiked mashed potatoes inside with coriander leaves and legumes at times and then add a tangy and spicy tamarind infused water to it. You have to pop in the phuchka into your mouth at one go.”

Puchka, Kolkata

6. Uma Raghuraman- This Foodie Mother, goes by the title “master chef mom” on social media. Uma has an array of creative recipes from healthy meals to street food, from vegan nourishment to gluten free diet, you name and she has it on her blog- masterchefmom


Uma Raghuraman

Favourite Food- Boundin

“As you stroll on the waterfront street in San Francisco, near Pier 43, you can’t help get astounded by the sight of a massive bakery glass window, where in front of your eyes you see bakers busy kneading dough, shaping them, putting them on baking trays and the maze of machinery baking and turning them into wonderful breads. Along with the hundreds of people you now only stare at this wonderful bakery but also get lost in the amazing smell of the freshly baked breads. You look up and see the large and imposing signage that says “BOUDIN”. Well, it was love at first sight for me. Once you enter you understand the concept of sourdough baking and how you can actually end up eating not just tasty but really healthy breads. Well, I tried their signature “Soup in a bread bowl”, soup served inside a scooped out sourdough bread. This is a must try item in Boudins. The vegetarian version is served with tomato soup. I tried their Gripped cheese sandwich on sliced sourdough bread. Heavenly! I tried their Tomato, Basil and Garlic Sourdough Pizza. This was the first time ever that I managed to eat more pizza than my husband. When leaving picked up some Jalapeno Cheese bread to try out later and it was so good that we came back next day and tried it again. Choice of Juices, Wines and Beers to accompany the food, Boudin is simply one of the best places ever to go to enjoy your lunch or dinner. Well, the Bay View and cool ocean air are complementary!”

Boundin, USA

7. Chandrima Sarkar- Bengali by origin, food blogger and photographer by passion. Chandrima likes to develop new concoctions with fresh local food and loves to style her home cooked meals. She has also won many awards for her photography. Catch her collection of recipes on notoutofthebox.in

Chandrima Sarkar

Favourite Dish- Seekh Kebab, South Asia

“A cousin of Turkish Shish Kebab, Seekh Kebab is available in South Asian countries. Minced lamb or chicken mixed with spices and herbs, wrapped around a skewer and grilled using a tandoor. These kebabs are served with green chutney and often used for making Rolls with Parathas or Roomali Rotis. Some restaurants serve them in a tandoori platter along with other tandoori kebabs. Seekh Kebabs are popular worldwide and typically found in Mughlai restaurants.”

Seekh Kebab, South Asia

8. Shatrugan Joukani – He's been a foodie all his life. A trait, he says, runs in his entire family.With a li'l under a whooping, 12,000 followers on Instagram, the 26 year old, showcases the best of food and drinks only within Mumbai City, on his handle @thegreedyglutton. He chooses to feature dishes in Mumbai mainly because Mumbai is his home and he wants to compete with the best of cities around the world in the branded food sector.

Greedy Glutton

Favourite Dish- Motichoor Ladoo, India

"Meet: The King of Indian Desserts... Motichoor Laddoo!

I've been a fat kid most of my life, and as a kid, these would be my ultimate favourite.. Still are.. So much that I was actually called Laddoo, a pet name that just grew without any limit after that k3g movie.”

I see a vast majority of my generation always more inclined towards western desserts with a myth in their minds that Indian Desserts are too sweet & extra high on calories when in fact it is the opposite.. While some of them are too sweet.. Our beloved Motichoor dodges those misconceptions like a boss.. 

Made of Chickpea Flour Batter (besan) & Loads of Shudh Desi Ghee this one dessert has literally no haters in the entire world... LITERALLY!!”


Motichoor Ladoo, India

9. Salonee Sanghvi - A finance professional, globetrotter and a vegetarian foodie. She says being vegetarian doesn’t limit her from being a foodie; one just has to know where to look. She has also been nominated for the Best Culinary Travel and Best Micro Blog for Indian Food Awards India 2014. She also writes on platforms like Zomato and Burrp and her website is foodalong.com

Salonee Sanghvi

Favourite Dish- Cesnakova Polievka, Slovenia

“I'm a vegetarian and with my blog, I want to showcase local vegetarian food around the world. It's hard to pick one dish but I'd pick Slovakian food. 

Cesnakova Polievka a creamy garlic soup served in a bread bowl. You can scrape the soft bread inside or tear off pieces of the hard crust to accompany the soup. It’s such a simple, wholesome dish, I’ve often added garlic to soups but never had one entirely based on it. *warning* Avoid when on a date. 

Bryndzove Halusky is actually the national dish. Similar to Gnocchi with a local sheep cheese sauce from the area. Again a simple but hearty dish. 

Some local soda - Kofola to wash it down with. Stronger on the caffeine it had a nice bite vs Coke/ Pepsi.”

Cesnakova Polievka, Slovenia Cesnakova Polievka, Slovenia


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