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Top photographers share their favorite destinations for photography

Travelling is a lifestyle, a philosophy, art; and can also be a career. If you are looking for some travel photography inspiration, look no further. Get ready to be blown away as we have some of the top photographers in our country list down their favourite destinations for photography.


1. Deepti Asthana- Deepti is a photographer, writer and also a Canon mentor. Her project’s mainly focus on culture, people and emotions. Her work has been published in various eminent publications like the Aljazeera English, Outlook India, Hindu Business line, Huffington Post, Deccan Herald, Smart Photography as well as exhibited at National and International art galleries. 

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Deepti Asthana

Favourite Destination- Dhanushkodi

“I am not a fan of photographing the cities; what excites me more are rural scapes. That has something very new for the eyes of photographers as well as viewers.  One of my long-term projects has been in Dhanushkodi where I am documenting the lives of fishermen's children away from the modern amenities.” 

Dhanushkodi Dhanushkodi Dhanushkodi

2. Ruchika Shankar- Ruchika Shankar and her husband gave up their home, sold all their stuff, packed their life into a suitcase and are on a never ending adventure around the world. They share their stories on their blog and YouTube channel.

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Ruchika Shankar

Favourite destination- Tainan in Taiwan

“My favourite destination for street photography would have to be the city of Tainan in Taiwan. In the 1600s, Tainan was the old capital of the country before Taipei. I found Tainan to be fascinating. There are so many centuries old fortresses and temples to explore.  Everywhere you turn you can see ancient temples, quirky little stores and street food carts. This city is an incredibly interesting melting pot of culture, influenced by the Chinese, Japanese and the Dutch. And this juxtaposition of culture and traditions make it a treat for a photographer.” 

Tainan, Taiwan

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3. Arati Rao- Is an Environmental photographer and a writer documenting changes in the ecosystem through her lenses. Her work has been featured on #Dysturb, The Guardian, Mint, BBC outside Source, National Geographic Traveler India, The New Internationalist (UK), Scroll.in, Caravan, Tehelka, Peepli.org, Outlook Traveler and many more eminent platforms.

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Aarti Rao

Favourite Destination – Bengal

“My favourite place for street photography is the biogeography region of Bengal … both Bangladesh and West Bengal. If I had to pick cities to shoot in, it would be Dhaka and Kolkata. Both cities offer a rich tapestry of the human condition and all its various entitlements and tribulations. Both cities are like microcosms of humankind and I could spend hours observing life on the streets even without lifting my camera.“


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4. Chandan Khanna- is a photojournalist with Agence France-Presse for South Asia based in New Delhi. He belongs to a business family from Allahabad, which is also known as the city of Maha Kumbh. After High School, he was enrolled in a Business Administration course in Delhi but he opted out and decided to pursue his passion - photography. His work features the best of unseen India, showcasing the lives of ordinary people, places and cultures. He has been working on some personal projects but he believes that reportage photography is where his heart and mind lies.

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Chandan Khanna

Favourite destination – India

“India is my favourite place on earth to take photos and capture stories. I find it highly intriguing how people operate in their daily lives, almost with a mechanical precision; they can be exceedingly skilled at their job, without other people even noticing it. For instance, in Old Delhi, there are thousands of watchmakers and repairers who often operate out of a small stall or even on the roadside.

Indian culture and civilization have thrived for thousands of years and it continues to do so in its own way. The most distinguishing factor, that defines the Indian society from others, is the social structure that we have.

Mostly in the older parts of our country, in places where people rely on each other for their day-to-day needs instead of machines, we can see the striking difference. Also in bigger cities, there are many people who do menial jobs for a very simple and humble lifestyle, often earning just a roof over their heads and meals for a day if lucky” 


5. Vishal Hanmattekar- A Travel blogger and a photographer who left his corporate job to follow his passion for travel; ventured out his journey as an entrepreneur and went on to Co-found The Blueberry Trails. As of now Vishal has travelled to over 25 countries and showcases his best work at photography on his Instagram Profile.

Vishal Hanmattekar


Favourite Destination – Lahaul Spiti, India

“A trip to Spiti will leave you mesmerized and breathless. The stark beauty of the mountains is only surpassed by the friendliness of the locals. The thrill of riding on some of the most dangerous roads in the world is only equalled by the calmness the surroundings bring to you.“

Lahaul Spiti

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6. George Koruth- George Koruth is known as FOTOBABA is a photographer based in India. He started his journey almost 9 years back, his collection captures India's rich culture and traditions; he owns a huge collection of stock photos of almost all the major festivals in India. His main area of interest is to highlight social issues and helping people voice their causes. George has done work for international magazines and websites and has been featured both in National as well as International websites.

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"Varanasi was one my first destination and one of favourite for street photography. I have been visiting the old city for nearly ten years now, it's not easy to get lost and many Chaiwala & street food owners recognize me now.

Varanasi has lots to offer, especially for people who are in search of meaning to their life, a place you see birth and death being celebrated, you realize the life that you have is one precious gift.

As a street photographer, I assure you that you won't feel like putting your camera back in your bag. Every street is filled with amazing frames and Varanasi being of the oldest cities still thriving, you will be amazed to see the cultural extravaganza.

My day starts with piping hot Jalebis Froze and Sundaram, two kids who I have known from the beginning join me. When the sun sets, you get to see the big ritual that involves worshipping of Ganges. It's a treat to every spectator.

Something has to be seen to believe and experience.” 

Varanasi Varanasi Varanasi

7. Vivek Soni- Vivek is a self-learnt photographer who loves transforming any landscape into a romp of layers, colour, and serious depth. Over the past 4 years of his experience in the field, his most favourite forms of photography include Travel, Street, and Conceptual Self-Portraits through which he mostly focuses on telling his stories, sharing his experiences and expressing his thoughts. He has been mentioned in the list of '100 Photographers From Around the World That You Should Follow Right Now' by Shutterstock, '14 Indian Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Quit your job and Travel' By ScoopWhoop.com, 'Nine Instagram Profiles from India that You Must Follow' by Scroll.in and '10 Incredible Indian Photographers, You Should Follow on Instagram' by YouthKiAwaaz.com.

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Vivek Soni

“Call it the influence on me of the current country I have been living in since last 1.5 years or the reference of the internet, Vietnam is one of the best places according to me for street photography. One can pick streets of any city or town over here and for sure they can get interesting stories within minutes.

Vietnam Vietnam

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8. Arushi Sablania-   Photographer by the day, dreamer by the night, Arushi Sablania works for a popular travel portal and simultaneously works on her blog. Binging on Netflix originals, reading everything about witches and witchcraft, adoring puppies, and trying different alcohol concoctions takes up most of her free time. This is when she isn't busy with cracking great (read: lame) jokes with her best friends and laughing herself the most on them. The ever-smiling young gun intends to live her life just like she has lived for the past 23 years- 'one day at a time'

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Arushi Sablania

Favourite destinations for street photography are small villages (Bairath, Triveni-Shahpura, also Jaipur) in Rajasthan.

“Built on a river confluence, Triveni Dham is a spiritual place in the state of Rajasthan situated 5 hours away from Delhi. The town is littered (Yes, littered) with temples with hundreds of pilgrims coming to pay homage. The confluence of the rivers is dried up now, offering a perfect frame of locals dressed in traditional attire against the stunning backdrop of Rajasthani sand. 

One must visit this place during the annual Holi Mela, where people from nearby villages come here to enjoy the fest. Near Shahpur is Bairath, noted for its cave temple. The temple has many natural forming in the shape of animals and is a must visit on the way to Shahpur. 

These two were the first destinations where I tried my hand at photography.” 

Rajasthan Rajasthan

9. Avisha Chaudhary- A passionate photographer who has popularized #voyagediaries on Instagram and a blogger at Red velvet closet, where she talks about food, clothing, accessories, shoes and bags. Her Instagram feed is packed with stunning photographs which she supports with beautiful captions, adding a personal touch to them.

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 Avisha Chaudhary

Favourite Place- Venice

"Venice is the city of the dreamers, the lovers and the believers. Don't believe in love? Come to this city, Venice might just surprise you!"

Venice, Italy Venice, Italy

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