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Top travel bloggers share their favourite travel destinations

We rounded off some of the best bloggers in the business currently and asked them about their favourite destinations. They had some really fun stories to tell us, from Croatia to Iceland, Argentina to Scotland, Japan to Australia we have it all covered. Read on to hear about their adventures and their recommendations! 

Nickolai Kinny- She is a travel professional, with degrees in tourism studies and management. She has worked as a travel writer since 2005 and owns a blog called the Adventures of a Tiny Lady

Nickolai Kinny

Favourite destination- Scotland


“My recent trip to Scotland has topped every place I've visited until date including most of South America. Whether you are into historical buildings and cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, city travel, a good road trip, island hopping or simply want to taste as many whiskies as you possibly can you will find what you are looking for in Scotland. Cool cities to explore, breathtaking road trips, thrilling adventures, relaxing hikes, island hopping, wild swimming, golfing, castle touring, a vibrant foodie scene and gorgeous beaches – there really is something to do for anyone in Scotland!”

Nickolai Kinny in Scotland Nickolai Kinny in Scotland Nickolai Kinny in Scotland


Sandeepa and Chetan- A wanderlust couple who sold their house and left their jobs to travel the world. Check out their blog- sandeepachetan.com

Sandeepa & Chetan

Favourite destination- Patagonia in Southern Argentina


"One amazing place we have been to is the Patagonia region in southern Argentina. From the Southern Atlantic coast to the Andes Mountain Deep South, this region is full of natural wonders. From snorkelling with the sea lions in the Atlantic waters at Puerto Madryn to skiing down the Andean slopes at Bariloche, you can do everything here. We had Southern Right whales jump out of the water at "touching distance from our boats. We experienced the winter here, where winds reach unhindered from Antarctica. At El Calafate, we cycled around Lake Argentino in the eerily quiet chilly morning with only the Patagonian ducks for company. However, the moment we first laid eyes on Perito Moreno, the only growing glacier in the world, larger than the size of Buenos Aires - has to be our most memorable time yet. Still get goosebumps thinking of those massive chunks of ice falling into the water creating ripples larger than the ocean waves."

Sandeepa & Chetan in Patagonia Sandeepa & Chetan in Patagonia


Lakshmi Sharath- A travel blogger since 2005, she quit her job life after 15 years of working in various media organisations and began to explore the world. Her experiences are shared on her blog - lakshmisharath.com

Lakshmi Sharath

Favourite Destination- Croatia


“I am fascinated by the blend of the sea, the islands, medieval castles, the old towns and the warmth of the people. It is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world.”

Croatia Croatia


Mridula Dwivedi- She started her blog about India tales in 2005 and went on to share her experiences around the world as well in 2016. Check her blog out- Travel Tales from India

Mridula Dwivedi

Favourite Destination- Anywhere in the Himalayas


“There is something about the Himalayas and mountains that take my breath away. I am lucky that I have visited the mountain regions Nepal, Bhutan and of course India! If I had to pick up one favourite trip, it was my trek to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal that was amazing. I would be bone tired everyday and yet I somehow managed to complete the trek! Those memories are going to last me a lifetime!" 

Mridula Dwivedi in Himalayas Mridula Dwivedi in Himalayas


Archana Singh- She’s a Brand management expert at Coca- Cola by profession and a traveller by passion. She shares her experiences on her blog- Travel See Write

Archana Singh

Favourite destination- Japan


“You can leave Japan but Japan hangover never leaves you. It's been more than six months since I returned from Japan but I still can't stop raving about it to everyone I meet. The magic of Japan is hard to explain in words. Thanks to Haruki Murakami and other writers, I had sky-high expectations from this little island nation and it exceeded them all. Loved it beyond anything I expected - the culture, the architecture, nature, the food, the accommodation, the bullet trains, the technology, the retail therapy - it was pure bliss. What made me fall in love with Japan so much were the people - they are the kindest hearted, friendly and polite people I have ever met who would go out of their way to help you. Also, Japan is probably the only country in the world where tradition and technology go hand in hand. People have not forgotten their culture in a hurry to adopt a modern lifestyle. They are still strongly rooted to their culture and upbringing. And that's what makes the Land of the Rising Sun so special. One country you should definitely visit in this lifetime is Japan.” 

Archana Singh in Japan Archana Singh in Japan


Renuka Walter- A full-time writer since 8 years turned a full-time travel writer since 2013. Check her blog out- Voyager for life

Renuka Walter

Favourite destination- Rajasthan, Melbourne and Italy


"Well, to pick just one favourite destination from across the world is hard. But, Rajasthan is my absolute favourite for its feel of festivity and the relaxed pace of life. Melbourne is my favourite city for its coffee culture, pretty streets and vibrant life. But, I also loved the cities in Italy.”

Rajasthan Melbourne


Gypsy Couple- Rishabh and Nirali are lovebirds and travellers discovering each other in the process of discovering the world together. They share their experiences on their blog - Gypsy Couple

Gypsy Couple


Favourite Destination- Knysna, South Africa

“Being passionate travellers, it’s tough to pick favourites because there’s a high chance that the next trip would bring about a new one. That said, one of the most amazing places we visited was Knysna in South Africa. Nestled in the heart of the famous Garden Route region of South Africa, Knysna offers something for everyone. Great weather, adventure activities, wildlife, mountains and sea. The sunset ferry which takes passengers to the edge of the Knysna lagoon offers a stunning perspective of the destination while the Cango Caves and Ostrich Safari in Oudtshoorn give more than a worthwhile glimpse of the adventure in store. Its proximity to the wonderful beaches of George and Wilderness also makes it a great base for beach lovers as well. However a destination is defined by its people and its pizza, and we met some amazing people there and discovered a wonderful pizza joint in Chatter’s Bistro, which added to its charm. All in all one of our favourite destinations across the globe!”

South Africa South Africa


Rutavi Mehta- A crazy travel enthusiast she does quirky things like riding an auto rickshaw from Jaisalmer to Shillong for 3000km. Read more about her quirky experiences on her blog-  Photo Katha

Rutavi Mehta

Favourite destination- Lakshadweep and Antarctica


My favourite destination will be Lakshadweep in India and internationally Antarctica. Both regions are virgin and beautiful.”

Lakshadweep Antartica


Sudeepta Sanyal- Co Founder at The Blueberry Trails. Gypsy heart and writer at moonlitekingdom.com, for travel stories and poetry. Check out her blog- Moonlitekingdom

Sudeepta Sanyal / Moonlitekingdom

Favourite destination – Reykjavik, Iceland

“I was in Reykjavik last November. It’s the capital city of Iceland, and it had this energy about it that won me over completely. While Iceland is all about amazing landscapes and intense topography, it’s this cute little city with a population of 1,25,000, which packs quite a punch. Beautiful graffitis will make your Instagram wall a wonder, two-storied houses with Christmas decor and fairy lights made the Yuletide season a delight, the food is to die for, albeit a little expensive and the happy hours start early so you can't complain about that. The tall HallgrimSkirke church looms over the city, and if you are up for s climb you get beautiful views of the city with its colourful houses. A museum of Punk Rock which is underground plays punk music all day and the general music scene of the city is amazing. Artists like Bjork and Of Monsters and Men are from Iceland, so the Icelandic take their music and gigs very seriously. The city also has a selection of plays, shows, movies and book readings, so you have enough of things to do here if you are not looking at not too much time outdoors during your stay in Iceland. The blue lagoon and hot springs of geyser are a drive away and if you want to go a bit further you can visit the lazy glacial river of JokulSarlon. I'm definitely going back to spend 7 days in this city, perhaps this time in summer!”

Iceland Food in Iceland


Supriya Sehgal- She designs and develops travel content for television, digital and print platforms. She owns a blog called- supriyasehgal.com

Supriya Sehgal

Favorite place- Meghalaya

“I'm slavishly loyal to India, so I naturally draw my favorite memories and experiences from good ol' motherland. 

The pine-scented air of Meghalaya, untouched hiking trails, sheets of waterfalls at every bend and the omnipresent to-go snack, 'fruit on a stick', makes me want to spend more than the three weeks I already did in Feb. Perhaps, this time I'll have more than two meals at the local Jadoh stalls that serve traditional Khasi food and trek to Kong thong, where people are christened as different whistle worthy tunes, along with names." 

Meghalaya Meghalaya

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