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8 Sweden hotel experiences to venture in 2018

Board the Arctic Circle train, visit “The Venice of the North” famously called Stockholm; welcome Sweden in 2018. Homeland to the Germanic ethnicity and culture, Sweden boasts euphoric sceneries too! While the country is an abode of exotic landscapes, it's also a treasure trove of offbeat stays for the experimental traveller, who is looking for more than a hotel experience to spice up his travel plans. Read on to know the quirkiest stay options in Sweden and tell us which one is your favourite!

Jumbo Stay

Bring your Captain America fantasies alive as you fly into your accommodation and live in a real jumbo jet, right at Arlanda airport. Choose from waking up in a business class room or a shared dormitory, as they both overlook cotton clouds. Walk along the observation deck, fastening your seat belts as your adrenalin is bound to rush while experiencing the feeling of standing on a real jet’s wing! Jet set go!

Jumbo Stay, Sweden 

Source- JumboStay  

VIPP Hotel

Say goodbye to palaces and havelis as you get up close and personal into the Swedish wilderness. This exotic hotel ensures you are the only guest present during your stint in the forest and your loved ones. A famous tagline of the hotel, “We don’t offer wake up calls but birdsong is free of charge.” has already convinced us to book our first flights into Sweden. A “natural” way to welcome 2018, indeed!

VIPP Hotels

Source - VIPP Shelter

Harrads, Tree Hotel

What? Would you believe me if I tell you, you can sleep in a UFO, in a “Mirrorcube”, in the “Dragonfly” or in “The Cabin”; that too on a treetop? Get those Instagram followers as nature and luxury are your “organic” filters, literally! Here, practice being a pro showing off your tree climbing skills; in slow motion, wide angle, however, you desire! Make luxury your #BFF as you climb electric stairs, or use the bridge and ramp, plus overlook the river! Guess who is coming back with a certificate in Aerial Photography? Wink

Harrads, Tree House, Sweden

Source - Tree Hotel

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 Ice Hotel

Definitely the most popular hotel experience but hey, have you slept on the ice floors yet? Now, you don’t need to imagine being 200km North of the Arctic Circle, when you can live it in the Swedish Village of Jukkasjarvi. Sleep on naturally made ice in luxury suites, enjoying the serenity and scenic snow, art and ice; all under one roof! Add another feather to your cap by ticking this off your bucket list. Share your adorable cuddly pictures with us!

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Source - Ice Hotel Jukkasjarvi

 Langholmen Hotel

Who says the synonym of “prison” is pain/Who says the word “prison comes with pain? This year, choose to invest either in a hotel or hostel here; that too in the heart of Stockholm in an old prison, converted into innovative accommodation. Enjoy  a drink at the pub or relax in one of the “cells.” Our definition of “punishment” has surely changed! Thank you, Sweden!

Langholmen Hotel, Sweden 

Source - Langholmen

 Sala Silvermine

Mines used only for precious metal extraction is a mundane concept. Participate in activities, engage in a tour or simply plan your stay inside the world’s deepest suite, impressive at 155metres, deep down! Enjoy sparkling wine and chocolate while you forget about your WiFi network and speak to your dear ones instead. How deep have you ventured yet?

Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Source - Sala Silvermine

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 Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

We have grown up reading about the Stone Age, Iron ages and so on. Let's curate a living in 2018 by staying at Sweden’s most “primitive hotel.” Out here, your camp includes NO electricity, NO showers, and lots of trees! Get up close and personal to wild mushrooms and bilberries here, as you embrace nature in its most rich form, getting cosy by a fireplace. We are sold! A cherry on the cake? Only a 2-hour drive from Stockholm and accessible by public transport! This is as “raw” as it gets!

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, Sweden

Source - Wild Sweden

Rygerfjord Hostel

Ditch your cruise plans this year as you get the opportunity of staying at Rygerfjord Hostel, housed in 3 ships anchored at the shore of Lake Malaren. Wake up to water or land views as you get pampered to choose from different cabin options. We promise zero sea sickness and hundred percent uniqueness! Thank us later but first, book your cabin before it is gone!

Rygerfjord Hostel, Sweden

Source - Rygerfjord

Be right back (BRB), climbing my UFO cabin.


Author: Niyati Doshi

Image Credits: Sudeepta Sanyal (@Moonlitekingdom)



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