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Top 13 most unique hotels from around the world


13. Hotel de vrouwe van stavoren, Netherland:

A harbor front hotel in the town of Stavoren, has rooms set in wine casks. 4 such casks accommodate two somes, and offer TVs and private bathrooms, and some add sitting rooms. The rooms are set in storing casks that can hold upwards of 14000 litres of wine. The rooms are reasonably priced, despite the boutique and unique nature of the stay. 

Rooms starting at Rs 7500 a night, with complimentary breakfast.




 12. Treehotel, Harad’s, Sweden: 

The hotel looks like a science project gone right! Perched amidst the trees in forests of Harrads’ suspended 4-5m above the ground, this modern hotel has ultra modern tree cabins, and boast of all basic amenities in its rooms, with a bonus of 360 degree view of forests. Treehotel’s eco-friendly rooms feature large beds as well as stylish, up-to-date décor and furniture. Naturally, all rooms offer views of the forest and surrounding countryside. Each has a toilet and washbasin, while showers are found in a neighbouring building.

The kitchen team at Treehotel focuses on wild game and locally sourced ingredients in its dishes. The hotel sauna and hot tub can be used for an additional fee.

Rooms starts from Rs 32000 per night.

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11. Liberty Hotel, Boston:

The luxurious 298-room Liberty Hotel is part of the Starwood Luxury Collection currently, but its creation from a prison is one of the most creative and unusual conversions of our time. It was converted in 2007 from the Charles Street Jail for $150 million. In 1973, after 120 years of housing some of Boston’s most notorious criminals, prisoners revolted because of poor living conditions and the jail was declared unfit for occupation. The transformation is spectacular , and the hotel is proud of its past and makes no qualms about it. 

More prison hotels in the world: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/galleries/The-worlds-best-prison-hotels/prison8/

Rooms start at Rs 22000 per night.




10. The Beermoth Truck B&B, Scotland:

A fire truck truck B&B currently parked at the Insriak Estate in U.K. Coverted from a fire truck, this cute B&B boasts of an oak parquet floor rescued from a Tudor mansion, salvaged snooker table slate to make a hearth and a fire escape to make a staircase. The Beermoth now also sports a completely over the top Victorian double bed, the door from one of the (now presumably a little drafty) cottages at the farm, and the former back wall of the doghouse. Walter the owner, also owns a Gin distillery so if you are lucky, you hop in there too.

Rooms start at Rs 9000 a night.




9. Strahov Monastery, Prague:

A monastery converted into a hotel, it offers beautiful views of the city of Prague, the Old castle, the City Hall, the Charles bridge.  Built in 1140AD, it has been under siege several times by armies and has also been burned thrice. But it has survived it all, and is now home to a four star boutique property with 12 rooms with polished wood floors, white walls and pictures of Prague decorate the walls. And the highlights of the stay  will certainly be the views of the city that the hotel offers.

Rooms start at Rs 9000 onwards a night.

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8. Sala Silvermine Hotel, Sweden:

A suite located 155m underground, set in a mine. It has no electricity or cell reception but has silver furniture. This is what the most exotic room at the Sala Silvermine hotel will get you at. You will get to see dark winding galleries, vast caverns and magic lakes. Even to those not familiar with mining, the underground setting is sensational. It is cold, damp and dark, but very beautiful. Experienced guides tell you of a fantastic chapter in industrial history, this tour is provided on the house. The underground suite costs Rs 30000 per night and is inclusive of breakfast.

The rest of the hotel is a laid back B&B with open airy rooms , with common toilets.  Called Marketenteriet (The Canteen), it was originally built as a rooming house for unmarried men around 1920. It has 15 double rooms with washbasin and a shared toilet and shower in the hallway. The Silvermine was functional from the 15th century until 1908 AD and was converted into a B&B experience. 

Rooms starting  at Rs 30,000 a night.




7.  Palacio De Sal, Bolivia

Located on the banks of the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, this hotel is worth its salt, literally. Everything here is made of salt, walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, sculptures... everything! Located in the world’s largest salt flatland, the first edition was shut down in 2002 due to environment issues. But it opened in its new avatar 2007 in a swankier version, with  a dry sauna and a steam room, a saltwater pool and whirlpool baths. They have just one rule “ Do Not Lick the walls”.

Rooms start Rs 13000 onwards.




6. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania:

This all-inclusive, luxury game reserve is set along the rim of a crater in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. 
Elegant suites are set on stilts and have grass roofs with banana-leaf ceilings. They feature a blend of Victorian furnishing with traditional African decor, along with Persian rugs and crater-view decks. They also have dining areas, fireplaces and free-standing baths.Ultra luxorious and located on the rim of the crater, it has hosted the rich and the famous , for their safari adventures. 

Rooms start at Rs 62000 per night.



5. Propeller Island City, Berlin:

An art installation and a hotel, this city hotel has themed rooms with elaborate set ups. Designed by Lars  Strorschen the hotel has 30 rooms with an absolutely unique and personal ambience. It is named after the Pseudonym he would use for himself, from the Jules Verne Novel. Some of the rooms here . 

  • 4 beams - Bed is suspended by ropes and surrounded by four large wooden posts
  • Blue room - Room draped completely in blue with mirrored stainless steel "sails" on the walls
  • Castle - Fortress-styled furnishings and abstract architecture painted on the walls
  • Dwarf - Room is 1.4 metres (4 feet 7 inches) high and contains plastic gnomes
  • Electric Wallpapers - Decorated with computer art; includes a kitchen
  • Flying Bed - Slanted floor that creates an illusion of a flying bed
  • Forest - Styled after a cabin; bed is built atop a stack of logs
  • Freedom - Designed as a prison cell with an escape hole "broken" through a wall
  • Gallery - Features a circular bed that can be rotated with a pedal to change view of the room
  • Glas House - Constructed with stained glass and antique windows

 List is taken from Wikipedia.




4. Sorrisniva Igloo hotel, Sweden:

Snow and Ice Igloos will be your home in this haven of ice. Its an exclusive seasonal igloo hotel located 17kms from Alta. Equipped with ice beds and furniture, plus animal hides, mattresses and sleeping bags. Bathrooms are located in the main building.
Amenities include a chapel and a bar made from ice and snow. A breakfast buffet and dinner are served in a restaurant with a wood-burning stove and a teepee-style roof set in the main building. This heated, wooden building also features a sauna and luggage storage away from the snow. Expeditions such as reindeer-sledding and northern-lights viewing trips are offered.

Rooms start at Rs 21000 per night.



 3. Kokopelli’s Cave Hotel, New Mexico:

Cave hotels are common in Goreme, Turkey. But a manmade cave cut out with a rustic setting is quite the adventure in New Mexico. Luxury cliff side accommodations, offering great sunset views. Rooms measuring 1700 sq ft have a master bedroom, dining area, full kitchen and bathroom with rock walls incorporating a waterfall shower and Jacuzzi tub. Amidst the desert and sandstone carvings, lies this beautiful stay! Enjoy!

Room rates starting from  Rs. 19500 a night.




2. Bubble Tree Lodges, France

Literally a bubble, an eco-sensitive project , BubbleTree’s concept is based on the principle: Minimum energy, minimum material—maximum comfort, maximum interaction with the environment. Fabricated from recyclable material,the Bubbles are inflated by a silent turbine renewing,filtering and correcting the humidity level of the air. A bed, under the stars, surrounded by the landscape that you choose to camp in,it’s a huge step forward in green tourism. Designed by Pierre Stephane Dumas, it offers one helluva experience. 

Prices of buying the bubble tents : Rs 7,00,000 onwards. 




1. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort:

The image of these glass igloos looking out at the Northern Lights are forever etched in our mind, thus it features on our list this highly. Right in the heart of Lapland, located 3 5kms from the Ivalo airport, it offers a selection of rooms. Cozy log cabins and pine-built igloos come with fireplaces and saunas; some have kitchens and free standing tub.  A traditional Lapland house, snow igloos and glass-ceilinged igloos are also available. There are no TVs; some igloos have bathrooms in separate buildings. Located in a village called the Saariselka,it is a nature resort and is a village of its own. It also offers a glass igloo bar, plus 3 smoke saunas and one can go ice swimming, on sleigh rides and reindeer safaris. 


Rooms start from Rs 10,500 per night. 






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