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9 super things you can do in Amsterdam for free




Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, and with its canal networks crisscrossing , the cycle inroads, the narrow houses with the gabled facades, its pot smoking populace, graffiti adorning walls and its history- makes it an exciting melee of things, no wonder the tourists and the travelers flock there to be a part of the whole experience. And just like any European city, there are plenty of ways to blow your budgets here, and plenty of things to do for free. Here are 8 super things that one can do for free here, read on!


9. City Archives:

A treasure trove for history buffs and no price to be paid for this one. The permanent exhibition at the Amsterdam City Archives, which was also the former municipal archive is an ideal place to learn about the history of the city through the unusual and quirky "treasures" in its collection. Among the artefacts are a sympathetic 1942 police report regarding the theft of Anne Frank's bike, a stern police telegram regarding Karl Marx's visit to the city in 1872, and photographs of the likes of John Lennon and Audrey Hepburn. Other artifacts of inhabitants of the city like Rembrandt, Charles Darwin, Marx and Theo Van Gough. The collection is contained within a majestic tiled vault in the basement of the Bazel building. Quite dramatic finds can be unearthed here, and the architecture is great to boot too!

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8. Markets Galore: 

Visit the many markets in this town for free. You have the  Albert Cuyp market in De Pijp, where you can do a grocery shop for next to nothing. Cheese, meat, socks, bicycles will be vying for your attention or the weekly Noordermarkt farmer's market in the Jordaan for your organic finds. The Waterlooplein flea market offers everything from antiques to vintage suits and lots of boxes of old keys, photographs and camera parts – and Bloemenmarkt - a unique floating flower market with more tulips than you could possibly sneeze at. For something more contemporary, check out Moderne Hippies for those scrounging for the lifestyle deals. 





7. Free Classical concerts: 

Forget about spending a load on a night at the opera, or a classical music show. Squeeze into one of the lunchtime shows at Concertgebouw on Wednesdays  . Sometimes there are a rehearsal for a show later that evening, in which case you get the whole orchestra, for free! Else you can be an audience to one of the smaller chamber musician groups while they perform for you!

For those of you looking for a Tuesday gig, try the Muzeiktheatre . Performers from the opera and Dutch Philharmonic also stage free lunchtime gigs at their mod venue. The high Cs fly from 12:30pm to 1pm on Tuesdays.

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6. Ferry ride across the IJ

Canal rides are romantic, yes! But a)they are expensive b)there are traffic jams quite often, on the canals. So for a free boat experience on the Amsterdam waterfront, hop on to the free ferries that take you across the IJ. Go across to the  Amsterdam-Noord and  link it with a bike trip around the leafy countryside and historic villages in the area, OR drop in on the NDSM Wharf for eclectic experience in the Berlin-mosque hub for cultural and creative entrepreneurs. It is a now defunct shipyard transformed into an avant-garde arts community.




5.  Hang around at Nine Streets:

Three major canals divide the Central Canal district into nine little streets which have plenty to offer to the curious traveler. De Negen Straatjes as it is called locally, is widely regarded by locals as the ‘Soho of Amsterdam’. This quaint little neighbourhood is known for its independent, specialist shops. whether it’s cheese, dolls or clothes, you’ll find a shop selling it here. Total win!

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4. I Amsterdam sign

Near the square of Museumplein, you will find the sign of I Amsterdam.

Take a picture, sit and indulge in some people watching, get a coffee and walk around, simply enjoy the buzz around the area, but try not to leave without a selfie.





3. Explore Begijnhof

Often described as a secret garden, the Begijnhof is the ideal place to visit for an escape from the noise of the city. Located off the Spui,  this hidden courtyard is surrounded by cottages, one of which is the oldest house in Amsterdam, in which only single women are allowed to live in, which dates back to its roots. In the Begijnhof you will find some very well-kept lawns and gardens and a beautiful old church. A picturesque neighbourhood to get some quiet time read a book or walk around!





2. Diamonds factory tour

At the Amsterdam diamond company Gassan Diamonds you can watch diamond cutters turning rough diamonds into polished stones. The company is located in a former steam-driven diamond factory , the tour is a delight and  Amsterdam has a long history of diamond cutting.




1. Free beer and gin tastings!

Yes, it’s the happiest hour of them all, we are talking free tastings for beer and gin. Cheers to that!For the beer, we refer to the IJ brewery in East Amsterdam,  Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 3.30 pm they give you a free tour (in English) as well. There is a tasting room where the beers, all brewed on the spot and organic can be tried out. And also check out the largest collection of beer bottles in Europe and they have a great outside terrace.


For the gin, we go to the Jenever distillery Wynand Focking. Jenever is a Dutch drink similar to gin. The jenever distillery Wynand Focking has been right at the heart of the city, in the Pijlsteeg (near Dam Square). Wynand Focking is antique and so it their collection of bottles and still produces its own liqueurs and jenevers.

Every Saturday there is an open tasting from 2 pm till 3 pm. Hic!

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