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7 reasons why Spiti should be on your bucket list!

Some trips change you intrinsically. It changes the way you think, the way you look at many things, the way you perceive- a chemical change of sorts that goes on within you. Some trips are meant to be journeys, not holidays, they are meant to be more, much more: and Spiti is one such place! We went, we saw, we fell in love and have been making an annual pilgrimage every year, and for you, we bring seven reasons why it should feature on your bucket list too.




 7. Sleeping under skies like these: 


A thousand million stars will blanket the sky above you, lulling you off to sleep after a long day on the road. Ah! Such comforts!




  6. Traversing roads like these: 


The journey starts getting bumpy once you leave Manali, some roads are exhilarating, some are mesmerizing, some are drop dead scary. But they are all equally gorgeous! Get some new music along, and a good read and sit back to enjoy a road trip of a lifetime.


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5. Sights like these:

Enough said.




4. Simplicity: 


You start realizing how simple the lives of the people here are, and soon you start living it if your stay is long enough. Soon it doesn’t matter that there is no network, soon it doesn’t matter that the electricity is tricky and soon you realize how important the simple things in life are. Revel in it, celebrate it and be grateful for it, Spiti taught me that!




3. Chandertal Lake:


Sights like these, that you will remember for the longest time. That too, post a 3km trek that will literally take your breath away (Hello, high altitude effects!). Located in 14000ft. above sea level, Chandertal is a sweet water lake that is shaped like the moon, which gives it its name. Vast meadows lead the way to the lake and one can camp at basic campsites located 3kms. away from the lake now. 


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2. Life lessons: 


Stuck in a traffic jam, caused by a stream which has become a waterfall because you have reached too late. Bikers know it’s impossible to make it across for the night, and some cars are also giving away. Distraught faces around you and travellers map the closest village to spend the night. Your driver suggests waiting a while longer and seems to think that there is a good chance the tempo traveller will make it across the stream today. You wait… and you know that this too will pass.





1. A Himalayan way of Life!


Throw in the snowcapped sheets, the difficult roads, the long drives, the bone-chilling cold, the ancient monasteries and to get a real homestay experience in Komic or stay in one of the dorms at the monasteries of Kibber to truly live like a local. It’s real and not glossed over and experiences like these will stay with you for the longest time to come!


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