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Top 10 offbeat things to do in Prague


From outstanding, historical architecture to quirky, modern structures, Prague is magically charming. A fairytale city brought to life, you’ll immediately understand what the fuss is all about, and finally relate to the various legendary artists, like Mozart and Franz Kafka, who also could not resist The City of a Hundred Spires. As if that weren't enough, with its incredible beauty and sophistication also comes its love for beer, as Prague is known to be one of the world's biggest beer drinkers, proving that Prague can do it all. 

Away from the usual places and the usual crowds, here’s a list of our favourite experiences that will show you the alternative, more authentic side (and taste), that will keep you raving about the city.

Chow down Ovocne knedliky

This staple sweet dish consisting of little dumpling delights, make the best dessert in traditional Czech cuisine. Made from butter, milk, flour, eggs, salt and dry cottage cheese, these warm, mouthwatering fruit dumplings are usually filled with plums, strawberries or apricots. Czechs actually eat this as a meal for dinner, but you might favour trying it as dessert.



DIY Picnic at Petrín Gardens

Take a break from all the sightseeing in one of the countless and beautiful parks around the city, and admire the vibrant green grass and the various kinds and colours of flowers.  Although all of Prague’s parks are gorgeous in their own way, our personal favourite is Petrín park, traditionally known as the ideal place for lovers. Some call it Prague Central Park, since it is located next to the Prague Castle, and also has many beautiful gardens that surround it. However, the main thrill is hiking up or taking a funicular ride up to the Petrin hill to get an impressive panoramic view of the city.

Picnic in Prague 

Hang out at a Nuclear Bunker

Lying about five stories deep under the city, this eerie bunker from the Cold War era will leave you with chills. Filled with dozens of gas masks, books, photographs and newspapers, you will get to experience the dreaded and astonishing Czech life during the Soviet era paranoia.

Nuclear Bunker in Prague

Catch up on your reading at Strahov

Read like a royal in the breathtakingly beautiful library inside the historical Strahov Monastery. Located in the city’s Clementium complex, the library houses thousands of books, stunning frescoes and various historical curiosities. Even the most grippingly interesting book would not keep you from constantly admiring the surrounding beauty.


Absinthe highs by the river

More than just a boozy drink, Absinthe, nicknamed “Green Fairy”, forms part of the bohemic and historical culture of Prague, where better alcohol means better absinthe. Clearly controversial yet a must-have, this drink should always be approached with caution, and what better way to enjoy a buzz along the stunning Vltava river, ensuring only good vibes.


Marvel at David Černy’s art

Prague’s beauty also comes with its bizarre, yet memorable aspects, like its influence of the talented David Černy; yet another controversial feature. Motivated by anger, the Czech sculptor has spread his provocative art all over the public areas of the city, which never fail to ignite controversies, as he “enjoys pissing people off”.

 David Cerny Prague

David Cerny Prague 2

Trdelník awesomeness

Usually, every city has only one iconic dessert, but Prague has two! Trdelník is a finger-licikingly delicious pastry found almost everywhere in the city centre, that tastes as luscious as it looks. You will probably want to come back to Prague just to keep eating this again!


Catch an Opera at the National Theatre

Prague, the city that cherished the great Mozart, is considered as the paradise for classical music lovers. Although there are many venues, the most important one is The National Theatre, which is also one of Europe’s grandest Opera houses. Considering the relatively inexpensive Opera tickets, and the remarkable, neoclassical architecture with its gleaming golden rooftops, makes this an experience of a lifetime.

National Theatre, Prague

Happy evenings at Letná Beer Garden

Unlike other European cities, (affordable!) good beer is found in almost every corner of Prague. Similar to parks, the city is also abundant with beer gardens as Czechs love their artisanal and precisely curated craft beers. Letná Beer Garden is a traditional favourite because it's spacious and offers an amazing view of the city.

Letna Beer Garden, Prague

Hipster Vibes at Malá Strana

Originally known as Prague’s Lesser Town, the Malá Strana quarter extends along the Vltava river and houses marvellous buildings, as well as two different towers built 200 years apart that create a dramatic entrance to the area.  Joyously wandering around, exploring the cobbled streets, and the baroque palaces and churches will make feel like you travelled back to historic Czech times.

Mala Strana, Prague

If you want to take a quick look out at these experiences check out our video below. 

So what are you waiting for? Personalise your trip to Prague with us.

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