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10 Things to do in Paris by night!

Paris is called the city of lights, and rightfully so. When you walk down arrondissement one, and watch the lights play magic on all the iconic buildings that surround you, it makes all the sense in the world. And if you gaze away toward the Eiffel, you may just catch one of her spectacular shows when she lights up. The city is a delight walking around in the night, and there are way more exciting things to do in addition to that. Here is a definitive list.


10. Ile Saint Louis : The real heart of Paris, this natural tiny island on the river Sienna is a treat any time of the day, but especially so in the night. The cobbled streets, the many golden lit restaurants and a local musician will be playing somewhere in the island trying to collect his daily tips. The breeze of the Sienne will carry the notes right into your heart. A bridge connects it to the larger Ile De La Cite which is home to the Notre Dam Cathedral.

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9. Moulin Rouge : Yes it is obvious, but to catch a cabaret at the Moulin Rouge is quite an experience in itself. The thrill of the show, the sheer exuberance, the extravaganza is exhilarating. It’s a must do and is not easy on the pocket, priced at Rs 13000 and upwards (USD120$), but its surely something.


8. Midnight swims : At the latin quarter in the 5th Arr, is Piscine PONTOIS. It is a public swimming pool but completely magical, in a listed Art Deco building, with rows of vintage changing cabins, water that is illuminated with blue lights at night, and a non-stop after-dark soundtrack. It sounds like a dream and when you are there, it feels like it too. Like you are in the soundtrack of a Copolla movie. An evening swim will get you back by Rs 900/12 Euros.

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7. Attend a book reading and club it with some wine : Located in the Marais, La Bele Hortense. A cosy boozy salon, which hosts literary events and book readings, it’s a perfect place for the bibliophile. The walls are adorned with bottles and books including new releases, rare volumes, independent poetry and classic collections. It’s a treat I tell ya, The wine prices do go up by .50cents post 10pm.



6. Catch an Opera : There are two operas in the city, one the Opera Bastille and the other Opéra Garnier, commissioned by Napoleon III. To our surprise it’s the letter which is a treat, even more so! With marble, gilded mouldings and glittering chandeliers dominate the soaring vaults of this impressive building. Watch a classic ballet or opera in its horse-shoe shaped auditorium and the ceiling Fresco by Chagali will blow you away!


5. Open air cinema and romance : Catch a summertime open air cinema show at Park De Vilette playing in July and August. It is a communal event , so catch yourself a spot on the grass, and if you want to splurge, a 7 Euro deckchair can be yours (Rs 550).


4. A midnight picnic at Square Du-Vert-Galant : A park located in the tip of the Ile de La Cite, this garden is a great spot to park yourself on a grassland, open a bottle of wine and sit on the banks of the Seine and soak in the beautiful sights on either banks- watch the boats go by or even catch a few twinkling lamps float on the water. A very “Midnight in Paris” experience.

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3. Fashion Show at Gallery Lafayette : A fashion show a la mode in this departmental store every Friday late afternoon, where you can watch models strut their stuff , showcasing the store’s line. It is the next best thing to getting a seat the the Fashion week, so it is quite in demand. Be sure to contact the store in advance to be on the list.


2. Comedy show called How to be a Parisian in an hour : if you want to learn to behave like the French, a French humorist called Olivier Giraud performs a show 100% in English called ‘How to become Parisian in one hour’. All the show long, he derides Parisians habits with a very caustic humor. If you want to learn how to make fun of the Parisians all in good humor then this is the place to go. It is at ‘le Theatre des Nouveautés’, at the Metro station ‘Grands boulevards’.


1. Piano Bar at Le Piano Veche : Monday nights are Jazz nights at this cosy bar in the Latin Quarter. In a non descript lane lies this bar with postage stamp size photographs of mostly students of the colleges in the neighborhood. But the jazz starts by 9 pm and gos till later than midnight. Alcohol is cheap and the atmosphere quite devotional. If you speak during the performance prepare to be rudely hushed by the staff or someone in the audience. But to watch a great jazz show on a Monday night in this city of lights, definitely features as a high on our list!

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