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Best trips 2018 | The Blueberry Trails

The year is almost coming to an end. I don’t know about you, for me, it was a mixed bag of experiences, which makes me look forward to 2018 with starry eyes and a head full of dreams. We've been busy designing beautiful journeys for our travellers at The Blueberry Trails HQ and we have our 2018 wishlist chalked out, based on our trips. So here’s us announcing the definitive list of top destinations for 2018! Get set and let's go!


Estonia with The Blueberry Trails
Situated off the Gulf of Finland, east of Stockholm and west of Saint Petersburg, the largest city in Estonia is also the cultural capital! Bustling with events through the wilderness of Lahemaa National Park, this European delight is as promising as its “Kalev” chocolate. Hop on this sweet ride as you admire European architecture, walk into military tunnels from the 1670s; all while sipping Estonian beer!


Norway with The Blueberry Trails

Welcome 2018 with unconventionality as you ditch Lofoten Islands to invite Sognefjorden –the longest ice-free fjord in the world! Or you can sip on “Aquavit”, Norway’s national, potato-based drink. You can visit Charlie at the “Chocolate Factory” as Norway has immortalized the very famous Freia, a hot chocolate factory! What’s more – take the opportunity to visit Bouvet Island, the most remote island on earth! We're sure you are keen for this adventure, as much as we are to romanticize the streets of Oso.

Norway 2 with The Blueberry Trails


Ireland with The Blueberry Trails

Ok, trivia time! Did you know? The Norwegians founded Dublin, the capital of Ireland?

From visiting The Titanic City of Belfast to exploring the Wild Atlantic Way, this Irish delight will leave you with infinite stories, spilling over 2019! It's the perfect place for all of you “Game of Thrones” fanatics. This is your chance to tick off the most number of places the series has been filmed in. Honeymoon? Birthday bash? Secluded getaway? Ireland is here to charm you. Discover the country through the Northern Headlands, by surfing or simply getting away from it all.

 Slovenia (exclusivity given to kayaking at Lake Bled)

Slovenia with The Blueberry Trails

How thrilled would you be, being 12 levels underground, kayaking through mines and experiencing the famous “Black Hole.” This is it – you have been shipped to Lake Bled, Slovenia. Exciting, educational and bucket list material – row your boat in 2018! Get mesmerized by Slovenian national parks, develop a fondness for its wine, and shake hands with the environment as you enter the first country in the world to be declared as a “green destination.”

Are you ready to be charmed by the ocean, lake, wilderness, food and architecture all at once?


Iceland with The Blueberry Trails

The name is enough! Talk glaciers, talk views, talk serendipity, talk Iceland! The official website rightly addresses the country - “It is not a destination, it is an adventure!” This adventure will immerse you in volcanoes, and glaciers! How's that for an extreme contrast. For newbies like us, the country has its very own “Iceland Academy”, get an orientation about the natural wonders and everything Iceland has to offer! So, what is your excuse?!

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Chile with The Blueberry Trails

This South American beauty tops most wish lists for the new year. It's no surprise to see Chile right at the top, when you take a look at the massive list of adventures that one can undertake here. From the wilds of Patagonia to the snow-capped peaks of Paine massif in Torres del Paine National Park to the cultural capital of Santiago, to the deserts of the Atacama where you can see geysers and go flamingo shopping! So much to do and so much to experience in this exotica paradise!


Georgia with The Blueberry Trails

Located snugly between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, this beauty located in the Caucasus highlands is a treasure trove of beautiful things. As per the locals, it is located on the balcony of Europe. Boasting of mountains, rivers, valleys and meadows, it's a great destination for the adventure travellers with hikes, horse riding trails, paragliding, caving and hunting on offer. The quaint cities of Tbilisi, Batumi and Borjomi and their historical centres will keep the cultural traveller happy. The nightlife in Tbilisi and the food on offer will definitely pack the whole experience into a punch.


Scotland with The Blueberry Trails

Known for its castles, moors, islands and myths of the Loch Ness monster, this sea fringing nation has been under the limelight this year for its dreamy landscapes. Quite popular with the travellers for being an extension of their stay in London, Scotland is proving to be something quite special in its own light. Whether it’s the vintage steamship in Crinan canal or the steam train at Jacolite from Fort William to Mallaig, or the beautiful pools at the Isle of Skye, the magnificence of the Scottish highlands, or the culturally rich scenes in Glasgow with its exhibitions and local artisans. Sigh! We are crushing over these pictures and are hoping to make it there this year, your thoughts?

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South Korea

South Korea with The Blueberry Trails

This island nation has garnered much attention due to it hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics. The games will be based in Pyeongchang, and there is a high-speed rail to whisk its spectators to this Olympic town. South Korea is more than just a buzzing capital city of Seoul and the Olympics. The colourful homes of Busan will steal your heart away and their Mural village in Gamcheon which makes for a splendid day walk for any art lover. Seaside scapes of Jeju, the wondrous beaches and hikes that the land offers are a travellers delight, Seoraksan National Park which is located closer to the sight of the Games boasts of beautiful mountain terrain and one can spot close to 30 mountain peaks including the Mt. Sorak. Making a getaway to this island will be well worth your time!





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